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A suburban town where everyone knows everyone. Full of gossipy moms that don't have anything else to do. With a bunch of white skaters who claim that they are "ghetto" and live a hard life. Overall, boring town so people entertain themselves by spreading gossip.
"OMG. So did you hear?"

"Yes i did! I think all of Rocklin knows now!"

"Well lets go to the skatepark and let everyone else know!"
by BLEHBLAH1234555 June 24, 2009
A small suburb located in northern california, where the population is out-numbered by cops, and the most entertaining thing to do on the weekends is to
a) walk to 7-11

b) see a movie

c) go to walmart

d) sit at home and play xbox 360 until you can't see.

Its population is 90% elderly people, and It is a sucky place in general.
Emily: What should we do this weekend

Rebecca: Well, we are in Rocklin, the home of boredom, how about we see the new hannah montana movie again?

Emily: *dies of boredom.
by super-awesomeness April 03, 2009
A city in the Sacramento area in California, that's the guetto for white rich people that think they're black. Not to mention, the city is boring and has some crap schools. The only place in the WHOLE city that's fun is the movie theater - due to how shitty it is, all the teenagers go skateboarding at Safeway and then toilet paper some houses probably in broad daylight.

For all other fun, you travel to Roseville, where the only quality mall was set on fire by a black guy on October '10. There is also a large water park called Sunsplash but everyone's always away from Rocklin for the summer already since it's so shitty, so no one really goes there.
Johny: Hey Bob, what do you wanna do today?
Bob: I don't know, wanna go skateboard at Safeway and bother some people?
Johny: We did that yesterday. We live in Rocklin, remember? Let's go play Black Ops.
Bob: Kay.
by MtnDew32 January 11, 2011
A lame suburb of Sacramento. Many people live in Rocklin. It is very boring. Most of the people in Rocklin are Sacramento Kings fans.
Billy : There's nothing to do in Rocklin.
Nate : Lets go see Mission Impossible 3.
Billy : No Tom Cruise is crazy.
Nate : True.
by Kooha May 08, 2006
where gangsters go to die... the extreme loss of all ghetto life forces the poor souls in this town to turn themselves into pathetic wannabe lowlifes
guy 1: dude let's play call of duty!
guy 2: no i'm too busy smokin my joint
by brodawgC April 15, 2010
Suburb with a bunch of rich kids wanting to be gangsters.
Michael Jackson wearing baggy jeans.

Rocklin doesn't have OGs there is no ghetto.
by Creaig August 13, 2007
the name of the urban Ghetto based out of Cali. Also the birth of the rapper Lethal injection and a home to many small neighborhood gangs.
All da rocklin Pirus
by savageasfuk June 19, 2005