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450 definitions by SaRaH

FABulous guitarist, THE most gorgeous muso on the planet, ever. Pure, raw guitar-playing energy. Beautiful.
Richie looks so gorgeous with that guitar held aloft.
by Sarah October 21, 2003
69 12
(n.)north bexley: mostly jewish, rich community bordered by ghetto train tracks. (Weekly parties are held on the west portion.)
(n.)central bexley: mostly spoiled, snobbish community inclusive of the high school and "druggy" hang-outs.
(n.)south bexley: mostly nice, humble middle class, CHRISTIAN community inclusive of Capital University.
"Dude, you're from bexley?"
"uh, what's a Jewish person like?"
"Which part of Bexley are you from?"
"Oh, that sucks!"
by Sarah February 06, 2005
115 65
One of the hottest men on Television today. Michael Gregory "Mike" Rowe (pronounced: row) (born March 18, 1962)1 is an American television personality. He narrates a number of television programs and currently stars in and hosts Dirty Jobs.

Originally from Baltimore, Rowe has said in commercials for Dirty Jobs that the inspiration for doing the show was as a tribute to his father. During his service project for Eagle Scout at the Maryland School for the Blind, he read aloud for students, and he cites this as one of the reasons he became interested in narrating and writing.2

Rowe attended Overlea High School3 and went on to attend Towson University, also in Baltimore.
Mike Rowe is just one hot man, would love to get down and dirty with him.
by Sarah November 13, 2007
78 30
its a term used to describe something gay. or if your kina acting like a fag you say this instead of fag.
you're acting faggish.
by sarah February 23, 2005
61 13
like espionage, but with lesbians
right, whores, time for so lesbianage
by sarah November 14, 2003
74 26
your teachers= evil little devils
homework= torture
shoot me now!
by sarah May 17, 2004
75 28
1) To be in a bed.
2) Words added to the end of a sentence (or even better, a fortune cookie!) to make it more... interesting.
Since all his friends were busy, Shawn had to have fun alone. IN BED! See?
by Sarah January 23, 2004
88 45