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Unattractive and untalented sister of Jessica Simpson. Wannabe punk. Wears dark clothes, 'punk' t-shirts and ripped jeans. Fucks rich-girl's exes. Has a very large nose.
Synonyms: ASSLEE, Milli Vanilli Part II
'I'm such a girly-girl! People think because I sing rock music I don't care about girly things... I LUV goth furniture!'
by Sarah February 21, 2005
where the sides of your hips stick out and it looks like hips or curves(what guys can't resist to touch or squezze)
When Sarah was walking, Jon squeezed her love handles
by sarah May 12, 2003
Geoff Weers, Adam Patterson, Raul Bianchi, and Ryan DeMars.
4 extremely hot guys that play awesome music. From Santa Cruz, CA.
Listen to The Expendables... because they fucken rock!
Visit: www.theexpendables.net
Geoff Weers is hot, and he is from The Expendables.
by Sarah April 25, 2005
Of Hillbillies or Backwoods folk. Ghetto in a sense that it's utterly shitty in every way. Generally located in rural country towns; {Po-dunks} Hicks; {Po-dunktion Junction} A town that reflects the qualities of being Po-dunk.
"My po-dunk brother, who grew up on a farm, drank coffee from a bowl and fixed his wabbly table with a tin can.
by sarah April 15, 2004
Pretty lead singer of goth-inspired rock band Evanescence. Has amazing song-writing talent, great style and a gorgeous set of pipes. Is NOT, as some think, a goth, but not a poser either.
Great outfit at 2OO4 Grammys.
by Sarah February 21, 2005
An infectious animal from Afghanistan.
"Wow, look at the Abbi! It runs so fast!"
by Sarah November 06, 2003
A place all people say we must look after and yet they don't look after it themselves.
"The environment is being ruined by all this polution the world is creating"
by sarah July 08, 2003
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