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Intentionally get drunk.
I'm going to the tavern to tie one on tonight.
by SYFer August 09, 2003
The art of using a laptop computer and specialized "sniffing" software to located usable 802.11 wireless networks--while driving. See also "war chalking."
I posted this definition via a wireless connection i found while war driving the Haight Ashbury.
by SYFer August 09, 2003
From the name of the ubiquitous host of many TechTV computer shows, to "leo laporte" is to give an over-simplified answer to a clueless newbie asking a question that they wouldn't understand the complete answer to anyway.
When my mom asked if her Mac was susceptible to viruses, I gave her a quick "leo laporte" and switched on her firewall.
by SYFer August 09, 2003
The practice of leaving coded chalk marks on or near buildings or sites where a "war driver" has identified available 802.11 wireless network access. The marks usually indicate the type of access and level of security.

This practice is decended from the way hobos used to chalk mark the curbs outside homes where an easy mark could be approached for food or other handouts.
I located a particularly handy open wifi network near the ballpark, so I warchalked it for my hacker brothers and sisters.
by SYFer August 09, 2003
The act of knocking ashes out of a metal "dugout" style marijuana pipe by striking it against something hard.

Variation: tonking
Don't hand that pipe back without tonking it first.
by SYFer August 09, 2003
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