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6 definitions by SUPERDAVE

1.) See Spanish word "Mamon".

2.) Idiot, asshole, moron, fucker.

3.) To fuck around. Act stupid.
That guy is such a mamer.

Charlie is maming again.
by SUPERDAVE March 13, 2003
That annoying red line that appears on your forehead when you wear a baseball cap backwards
Damn... that sucka got a fat head... his hatline's almost bleeding it's so red.
by Superdave December 26, 2002
A seriously obese biker.
That dude over there by the tattooed chic is one ugly hogsquasher.
by Superdave March 06, 2006
The most basic is more accurate: Dog Boner.

Looks like that mutt likes you. He's throwin' some serious "Dogwood"! I bet a cat couldn't scratch that pinky down.
by SuperDave April 03, 2006
Scarberian speak for: having sex. (Scaberia = the home of John Candy, The Barenaked Ladies, Jim Carrey and Mike Myers.)
(spoken like Otto in the Simpsons) - Yeah, like the party was awesome eh ! Every room had people gnawing and boning all over the place ...
by SuperDave January 16, 2008
Cunnilingus the acy of eating pie with both participants on the floor.
What Homer Simpson actually meant; an example of the latemt adult humour imbedded in the Simpsons.
by SuperDave May 19, 2005