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6 definitions by SuperDave

1.) See Spanish word "Mamon".

2.) Idiot, asshole, moron, fucker.

3.) To fuck around. Act stupid.
That guy is such a mamer.

Charlie is maming again.
by SUPERDAVE March 13, 2003
22 12
That annoying red line that appears on your forehead when you wear a baseball cap backwards
Damn... that sucka got a fat head... his hatline's almost bleeding it's so red.
by Superdave December 26, 2002
5 1
A seriously obese biker.
That dude over there by the tattooed chic is one ugly hogsquasher.
by Superdave March 06, 2006
4 1
The most basic is more accurate: Dog Boner.

Looks like that mutt likes you. He's throwin' some serious "Dogwood"! I bet a cat couldn't scratch that pinky down.
by SuperDave April 03, 2006
4 3
Scarberian speak for: having sex. (Scaberia = the home of John Candy, The Barenaked Ladies, Jim Carrey and Mike Myers.)
(spoken like Otto in the Simpsons) - Yeah, like the party was awesome eh ! Every room had people gnawing and boning all over the place ...
by SuperDave January 16, 2008
0 1
Cunnilingus the acy of eating pie with both participants on the floor.
What Homer Simpson actually meant; an example of the latemt adult humour imbedded in the Simpsons.
by SuperDave May 19, 2005
8 56