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What governments do to get more money.
September 11 could have been an Fundraiser for Bush, and an excuse to invade Iraq.
by LightningNinja2 October 07, 2008
The act of putting a joint in the bowl of a pipe. then lighting the joint ans smoking it through the pipe.
James "dude im tired of smoking normal weed out of normal bowls"

Tom "lets roll a joint and try a fundraiser"
by jebadydoda September 08, 2011
A person who goes above and beyond and raises much more money when doing a fundraiser.
Andrew: "Wow, David sold a lot of Popcorn for the troop."
Chris:"What a fundraiser"
Andrew:"I know, he raised 400 dollars while second place only raised 20.
by SOOPa January 10, 2010
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