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Small penised.
Girl 1: Tall, dark, handsome, charming, but hung like a horse-fly.

Girl 2: Bummer.
by SHLA June 28, 2012
When two drivers appreciate each other's navigation skills so much, they end up spastically dancing together in the street to shitty music. Antonym to "road rage."
Traffic was backed up for miles when two Priushole's gave each other the good for you thumbs up and then proceeded to road rave.
by SHLA July 02, 2012
Ready to roll.
Guy 1: Tell Mike I'm village idiot with cash.

Guy 2: OK. Let's do this.
by SHLA July 17, 2012
Impotence; when even boner pills won't help.
Dagnabbit, time to put peter out to pasture. Lord take me now.
by SHLA July 24, 2012
Someone stuck in a Prius against their will.
My luck ran out in the cab line and I was made a Priusoner in far too small of a taxi.
by SHLA July 16, 2012
Getting shit on fingers while wiping one's ass.
I scrubbed my hands like a surgeon after getting collasseral damage from a Taco Bell dump.
by SHLA September 10, 2012
The act of getting angry at someone for using the tired phrase "just sayin'."
Commenter 1: My son's peewee team could go undefeated if they had Boise State's schedule. Just sayin'

Commenter 2: Using "just sayin'" makes you sound about as mature as your son. Just naysayin'
by SHLA September 12, 2012

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