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Euphemism for masturbation.
I've been stalking my cock all morning trying to get rid of this hangover.
by SHLA June 23, 2011
When one initially goes to urinate only to realize the pressure applied is pushing feces dangerously close to exiting the anus, requiring a quick turnaround into the sitting position.

Phenomenon is almost solely observed in males, although is occasionally practiced by females in hardcore porn.
It was quite embarrassing having to make a poo-turn from the urinal to the stall at the office.
by SHLA April 28, 2011
A lightly-trafficked cross street that always holds you up with a red light - often one which takes FOREVER to turn green.
I'd have made it on time to my waxing were it not for my nemestreet. Willoughby Avenue parked me for what seemed like five minutes and not one car or pedestrian crossed the intersection!
by SHLA September 30, 2010
Dual-Income No Kids Eternally Renting.

A couple who, despite having no kids to suck their dual-income dry, still cannot afford a house.
In these hard economic times with housing prices in the heart of cities like NYC, S.F. and L.A. still grossly inflated, someone you envy as a D.I.N.K. is probably more accurately a D.I.N.K.E.R.
by SHLA December 01, 2010
Where all the wanna-be newbies to a big city tend to congregate.
Douche 1: Dude, I'm tired of these stuck-up girls not giving me the time of day - where can we find some fresh naive snatch?

Douche 2: There are a couple Ellis Island Bars up on Cahuenga in Hollywood that will do just the trick.
by SHLA November 09, 2010
(1) when you missionary fuck a girl on the carpet so hard that she gets an oozing rug burn all over her backside. Then, immediately after ejaculation, you turn her over and pee all over her wound.

(2) a delicious fruit.

(3) an award celebrating the worst in movies. See also Razzie.
Yeah, she was totally into the golden raspberry until the last part.
by SHLA August 18, 2011
The asshole in the Prius who just self-righteously cut you off.
Man yelling out window: "Go suck a bag of dicks you fucking Priushole!"
by SHLA July 02, 2012

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