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The idea that one is working hard or could be working hard by putting all their effort into the job at hand.
That nacho cheese pot was so burnt on I had to put some real elbow grease into cleaning it.
by Sha November 11, 2003
A command directed towards a child so he/she will cover her ears while an adult curses.
Earmuffs, Billy. Earmuffs.
by Sha June 18, 2003
1-how pleasant something tastes
2-the level of enjoyment recieved from something
3-a show of enthusiasm
1-These cookies are packed with sugary sweetness!!!
2-God, last night was sweetness
person 1-dude, i got 100 bucks!
person 2-SWEETNESS!
by sha September 20, 2003
It is a play on the often over used lol meaning: what you have just typed has caused laughter on my part. Often used in chat.
Person123: And then he said "Put it on my bill!"
Person321: WYHJTHCLOMP!!!11
by Sha April 16, 2004
scars left from when lil' bowow gets fucked in the ass, again
holy shit!! bowow's got 3 new boy stitches!!!
by Sha September 30, 2003
1. A generic answer to a question you don't know the answer to.
A: What are the layers of the atmosphere?

B: Blarble blarble w00t.
by SHA December 03, 2003
To call your friend's brother on the phone to ask your friend a question because your friend can't think for himself/herself.
On "Making The Band," Ikaika clearly proved that he couldn't think for himself, when his older brother made decisions for him. Jacob once asked Ikaika "Can I have your brother's phone number? I need to ask you a question."
by Sha December 02, 2003

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