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badly proportioned pastiches of different styles, some are built with attention to detail and materials. But, as the epithet McMansion suggests, they’re just too big—for their lots, for their neighborhoods and for the number of people who actually live in them.
'The main locale for The OC are the McMansions'
by sh February 11, 2005
Satan Hitman's ex-wife. She shortly divorced him after the wedding announcement. He's currently in the psychiatric treament center.
I'm a cheatin on ya wit chan, chu chu cha chu
by SH June 03, 2003
a place where couples can go to mess around, usually go once a day. like a hidey hole except not for hiding. usually small and cramped and isolated for maximum gropage
'omg, sam went to his sex hole with jo!'

'our new sex hole can be underneath the bridge'
by SH April 16, 2005
Sweet,cute, and irrisistable Little boy! (Nick Name)
There is only one Boogaloo.
by SH April 22, 2005
drink with high percentage of alcohol: liquor, vodka, tequila, rum, scotch, whiskey
i was sippin syrup
by sh March 05, 2003
Everything, anything, and nothing at the same time.


mershing = having sex
- Mershity mersh mersh mersh....

- I caught them mershing. (I caught them
having sex)
by SH November 24, 2003

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