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spanish/spanglish slang for "little brother". Short for "hermanito" which literally means little brother.

Term can be applied to someone who is not a blood relation to the speaker.
I can't go out tonight, wey, I have to watch mi manito.
by Ryan Sumner July 12, 2006
the past tense form of the verb porn which is 1)the act of looking at porn. 2) a word to describe the act of looking up, searching for porn on the internet

see also the gerund form porning
1) I got some porn and porned all weekend.
2) I would be more alert today if I hadn't porned all night on my computer.
by Ryan Sumner February 09, 2006
spanish slang for "wide ass"(m), derived from the noun "nalga", meaning "buttocks". Often used in reference to a slow-moving or thinking individual. Can be used in the feminine form: nalgona
Mueve le, nalgon!
by Ryan Sumner September 12, 2014
v. 1.) viewing pornographic material, usually on the internet. May or may not coincide with masturbation. 2.)a word to describe the process of looking up, searching for and viewing porn on the internet.
(etymology: taken from the noun "porn" <slang> used commonly amongst college dorm mates and close friends)
May be used in conjunction with the noun <porn>.
May also be used in a gerund or past tense form: <see porning, porned>
1.) I bought these new porn DVDs on the way in from work and proceeded to porn as soon as i got home.
2.) If i didn't get online and porn all the time, i might actually study every once and a while.
by Ryan Sumner February 09, 2006

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