spanish/spanglish slang for "little brother". Short for "hermanito" which literally means little brother.

Term can be applied to someone who is not a blood relation to the speaker.
I can't go out tonight, wey, I have to watch mi manito.
by Ryan Sumner July 12, 2006
A very small town of about 1,500 people about 45 minutes from Peoria,IL. It is considered a hicktown because of it's very historic feel to it. There are about 4 places to eat including a Subway and three restaurants, 2 gas stations and a police station. There typically is nothing to do in this small-ass town so most teenagers cruise or find places to sit.
Dude i went to Manito this weekend and drove around for about 5 hours total it was boring as hell man.
by manitooober April 22, 2009
spanish/spanglish term used in reference towards a friend or homie that you are close to....these people wont turn there back on you....
what's up manito how you feeling? Yo manito whats good lets go light something up
by pedro manito August 09, 2011

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