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1. A symbol to represent frustration, or wincing in pain.
2. A sybol used to represent the asian culture in 'Chatspeak emoticons'.

1. Al:I just accidentally trashed my mom's car
Ed: >.<!

2. Julia: Ryan why are you so obsessed with Geishas?
Ryan: Because I love AZNs!
Julia: You basically are >.<
by Ryan P Welsh III August 30, 2006
Love Ya (you) Like A Mother

--A late 90s Chatspeak phrase that commonly dominated the goodbyes of many internet users. Lately has been replaced with "peace out cubscout, ttyl, ttys, or ttyt".
Ryan: Ohemgee me too
Lexie: Imma sleep now, LYLAM
Ryan: Nite!
by Ryan P Welsh III August 10, 2006
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