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11 definitions by Russ Bus

What you scream when your Xbox 360 gets the Red Ring Of Death thus rendering it useless as anything but a paperweight.

Actually its a phrase I started saying after my 2nd, yes my second fucking Xbox 360 flopped due to the RROD. I got the idea from one of those Myspace bullitens that said something about not sending it to 10 ppl will result in the ghost of a dead girl appearing and raping your cat or somthing.
On my way to exchange my xbox i thought to myself, I bet Bill Gates was waiting for me to leave so he could sneak in and rape my cat.
Thus was born my new phrase whe ppl ask me what I think of the RROD, I say 2 them, "I had it twice, It was just an excuse for BG to rape my cat."
{Dude sitting there playing 360}
{360 goes into Red Ring Of Death Mode}
Dude: Shit! My 360 froze and I got the RROD!
{While dude takes 360 back to store for warranty Bill Gates shows up and rapes his cat.}
{Dude jokes to guy at Gamestop about Bill Gates raping his cat.}
{Gude gets back home and realizes that it did in fact
by Russ Bus November 07, 2007
A style of acting or speaking that portrays lack of interest or caring. Doing the anything without fear of consequence or reprocussion. Really you can do anything "I dont give a fuck style". Hell, im writing this definition i dont give a fuck style cuz i dont care who reads it or who it offends or who it hurts.
a) That stupid bastard Eminem raps "I dont give a fuck style" all the time

b)Damn dude! You busted that mailbox "I dont give a fuck style"!
by Russ Bus September 05, 2005
Those ppl who stand outside my pawn shop before we open, or after we close, beating on the door and trying it every 5 seconds trying to get in. We call them "pawn zombies" because their antics resemble those of your typical movie zombie from a George Romero flick. These guys are usualy cracked out or messed up on something and just cant wait 2 pawn their junk for a few bucks so they can go down the street and get a fix.
{2 guys running reports before we open the pawn shop}

Guy 1: Hey, somone is at the door. Holy shit man they are trying to brek in!

Guy 2: Naw man, those are just a pawn zombie. Thier harmless. Just point at your watch, shake your head, and smile.

Guy 1: Whew, hes realy tryin that door man. Sure everythings cool?

Guy 2: Ya hes cool. Hes just twitchin for a fix, he thinks the door is magicaly going too open the more he tries it.
by Russ Bus February 21, 2008
A bowel movement that is mostly or completely liqud. Generaly squirts out like a fire hose. Liquid shit that usually happens after eating bad food or a night of heavy beer cunsumption.
Man i was drunk last night and i had the serious butt puke this morning when I woke up.
by Russ Bus January 10, 2006
Its a less racial way of saying there are black people somewhere on your property. We say it when blacks show up at our haunted house. The blacks are usualy the ones that hit our monsters and get all kung foo on that ass when they get scared. So when they show up, a call goes out over the radio that "there's ninjas on the lawn"
I have also used it when there are black ppl around my store. Like when they hang out in the parking lot doing nothing.
I saw a group of black people headed for the entrance to our haunted house, so I alerted the managers that there's ninjas on the lawn.
by Russ Bus December 26, 2007
"A 2 Cigarette Meal" is a meal that is so good, or so large, that it is imidiately followed bu the smoking of 2 cigarettes as opposed to the standard single cigarette. Usualy it is a meal that is either very spicy like mexican or asian cuisine. A Thanksgiving feast usually falls into this category too as most ppl over eat and must chainsmoke 2 or more cigarettes afterwards to speed up the digestion process.
{2 ppl sittin at On The Border after a huge meal.}

Person 1: "Wow! That was a feast man."

Person 2: "Ya, my mouth is on fire from that hot sauce. Im stuffed."

Person 1: "Ya, that was definately a 2 cigarette meal"

Person 2" "Well light it up then."
by Russ Bus February 21, 2008
A tool that can be used for anthing. Usually a large knife or the like. I have one and i use it for all kinds of stuff. Scratchin itches, cleanin the pipe, cutting stuff, poking badgers, carvin my name in shit, widdleing, death threats, both mistemenor and felony crimes, picking locks, picking my nose, picking my teeth,(not in that order), fileing fingernails, can be used as silverware, skinning small animals, cut rope or wire, dialing numbers on the phone, typing, pokeing holes in stuff, and many others.
I used my multi purpose everything tool 3 times while submitting this definition
by Russ Bus February 07, 2006