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One of the funniest shows that was on TV about a family who faced the numerous problems of growing up in life while expressing it in a truly hilarious format, it was aired on ABC Family until recently being cancelled while going into its 5th season
Hunter: Why the fuck was grounded for life cancelled like thats so gay

Ross: ya i was looking forward to season 5 and the new baby being born!
by Ross The Great May 06, 2007
your all wrong the definition off snoogens from the movie jay and silent bob simply means "Just kidding"
chris: i am sry matt i had sex with another man last night
Matt: noooooooooooooooooooo
Chris: Snoogens i only love u now lets play video games for 42 hrs strait
by Ross The Great August 25, 2006
A Term used in family guy said by Peter to mean that some is a whore a slut and a bitch all at the same time
Hey wilbert your a whoreslutbitch
by Ross the Great August 27, 2006
a derivation of the Indian house type, popular during the first quarter of the 20th century, usually having one and a half stories, a widely bracketed gable roof, and a multi-windowed dormer and frequently built of rustic materials.

Eddie: Women dont respond to erotic images they respond to erotic words like....butterscotch, whisp...umm

Sean: ok let me try...uhhh lepracy (Knock on door, Sean rises to get door)

Eddie: yes now you've got the idea

Sean: ya like Bungalow, goat cheese(opens door)...Sister Helen

(scene from Grounded for life)
by Ross The Great May 06, 2007
A street term for a special type of medical heroin... if u hav ever had heroin you know why its called that!!!
Zack: Yo man after i broke my arm when i got fucking slammed into the ground the hospital gave me some Jack Flash i am gonna try to get some extra so i can sell it

Miano: YA!!! then we can buy weeeeed!!!!
by Ross The Great April 14, 2007
a square brown chocolate mascot used to sell brownies on another stupid ass dominoes commercial.
(Thundering of loud footsteps in distence)

Pizza guy: RUN FUDGE-UMS RUNNNNN!!!!!!!!!
Fudge-ums: Owaaaa ohhhh waaa

(Thundering increases as large amount of gay actors chase a midget in a brownie suit............wow.....just wow)
by Ross The Great August 25, 2006
a word a gay or bi sexual male uses to decribe some thing totally awsome
Chris: Matt the sex last night was sacktacular

Matt: Ya cant wait to do it again tonight!!!
by Ross the Great August 27, 2006
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