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5 definitions by Roper

Quarter Pound of weed.
Johnny the highschool dropout went back to his old school to sell QP's.
by roper March 27, 2003
However redundant, fagmunch is one who munches on fag, therefore making that person a fag. There is no use to this word other than it is funny as hell.
Go watch Dawson's Creek, fagmunch!
by Roper May 10, 2003
a retarded person whose head can be found protruding from their rectum
You like Creed, you're an asstard.
by Roper May 10, 2003
1. one who truly is no more intelligent than an anus, much less two

2. one who is devoid of anything resembling talent
Dave Matthews is an incredible buttass.
by Roper May 12, 2003
the act of someone or something inserting their head up someone or something else's rectum and gulping down its contents
You fucking faggot assgarglers.
by Roper August 12, 2003