15 definitions by Ron Jeremy

STEP ONE: drink a glass of water.
STEP TWO: fuck partner in the ass. STEP THREE: piss into partner's ass. STEP FOUR: catch any overflowing piss from partner's ass in own mouth.
STEP FIVE: spit partner's piss into partner's face.
Dude, I'm gonna give her the old 'waterfall paul' tonight. It'll kick ass!
by Ron Jeremy April 22, 2005
Licking nipples, OF COURSE.

Ron Jeremy gave Jenna Jameson a nipplelick.
by Ron Jeremy June 16, 2003
1) Male who regularily treats woman badly, usually by cheating on or lying to them about their relationship.
2) Male who is selfish; normally used to describe sexual gain, or undo control of a relationship
3) A repeat offender of women.
4) Continually winning back girl who knows you are up to no good.
Dude, you're getting back with Julie...again? You're such a DAWG, you know you just want to bang her on the side.
by Ron Jeremy January 16, 2005
AN UGLY ASS Mother fucking orc looking thing who got it's face smashed in with a brick aka Lauren Grasher
EEEEEEEE! I'm Smash Face! Help me!
by Ron Jeremy January 19, 2004
total owner of clan .unf! and specifically belz
<n00b> Did .unf! beat dr?
<gandalf> no way man, imp played, he owns us
by Ron Jeremy September 03, 2003
Eight guys gang-fucking a girl, with two dicks in the mouth, two in the pussy, one in the ass, one in each hand, and one between the tits, all at the same time.
We gave her the octopus until she passed out.
by Ron Jeremy April 22, 2005
A fluffernutter is when a porn star is getting fluffed by a fluffer, gets to excited, and busts a nut before he's ready for the main act.
I was going to bang that chick, but I fluffernutted into the other.
by Ron Jeremy May 14, 2003
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