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To shamelessly stuff your face with heavy foods (i.e. Pizza, burritos, doritos)
As I was snacking on a piece of pizza outside of the convienient store a gentleman walked passed and said, "oh, you be gettin' your smashface on."
by Lee Sauce March 04, 2006
1.ugly ass broad 2.fugly male or female. 3.fubar face 4. a person so ugly that when they were born the doctor slapped the mother:0)
-your sis tried hooking me up with her friend but she has smash face!
-dudes never gonna get laid with that smash face:0(
by ddeeznuts August 05, 2006
the art of making out
jordan was playing smash face with that ugly whore
by SnarfSnarfSnarf July 02, 2006
When you see somebody who looks attractive from behind, until they turn around.
"I was checking out this girl in line. She was so hot, until she turned around. The bitch had smashface!"
by BigHairyCanary June 15, 2014
Jared Mc Cormicks lover and a creature who dwells under overpasses.
Hey dude i think smashface is in the vents.
by MAC March 18, 2004
AN UGLY ASS Mother fucking orc looking thing who got it's face smashed in with a brick aka Lauren Grasher
EEEEEEEE! I'm Smash Face! Help me!
by Ron Jeremy January 19, 2004
An ese(Chinese,Japanese, vietnamese... basically anybody without eyelids)
Look at that smashfaced chink that just washed up on shore.
by Sean, Jarrod and Bubba June 10, 2004

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