62 definitions by Roger

A boring place where you learn and get homework. See homework, education, and learning
i lern aLot frum skool
by Roger March 12, 2005
Hideously ugly, usually describing a person.
Did you see that guy, he was shaid!
by Roger June 19, 2004
short for cumshot, c-shot
pop a cshot
by Roger November 28, 2003
An word that someone uses when they makes a mistake, that people can't forget or keeps bring up.
Fuckagee I made a mistake get over it.
by Roger October 12, 2003
Samme som clitoris. "Spise peanøtter=slikke klitoris"
Slikke man klitoris, så blir den stor som en peanøtt
by roger November 27, 2004
agiyut ta man
by Roger October 22, 2003
Something that is described as being very f***ing ghetto.

A combination of gigantically and ghetto
Yo man, your car is gighetto!
by Roger April 14, 2005

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