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62 definitions by Roger

n. American slang. 1) a person who performs cunnilingus on female genitalia; 2) a heterosexual male; 3) a sex-minded heterosexual male.
While he was diving into the spot between her legs, she thought, now this feels good because he's a good cuntlapper
by Roger October 13, 2003
a general term for what you did when you get doored, face plant or somehow trip, slip or otherwise fall
Jim's skateboard landed on gravel. That's when he bit it.
by roger February 03, 2004
a guy that is real cocky and who thinks he's "too hot to handle" but in actuallity is just a big pussy that still sucks on his mommy's tits
kevin is such a fantastic coward cause he thinks he can play ball but was too scared to try out for the basketball team cause everyone was bigger than him
by roger February 22, 2005
finding something of value for cheap in a store or yardsale(not on the internet)
Check it this thrift score: leopard print platform shoes!
by roger February 01, 2004
To leave, retreat in haste. To move out quickly.
"The enemy was closing in fast on the hot landing zone so we had to cut a choagie before we were caught without cover"
by Roger August 27, 2003
1) Crazy Dog Lady
2) Alcoholic
You'll end up like Spearsy
by Roger December 30, 2003
Worst place to get music or anything from. Messes up your computer as well.
Kazaa sucks.
by Roger September 03, 2003