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12 definitions by Rodney

a huge penis...so huge it spanks ur ankle
wow ur hung like a mule, u have an ankle spanker
by rodney May 07, 2003
The biggest sult on the face of the earth. Remember to wipe your ass better, because i have herd that u find dingle berrys swinging around like Tarzan on a vine. I saw you bath water after u cleaned yourself and there was a dingle floating around in your bath water.... Please stop giving Griff those purpler nurpplers.... By the way you fat!
Griff: would you like ketchup with that master?
kevin: NOOOOOOO!
Griff: please don't make me eat anymore of those balls u call dingles, they don't really tast like berrys, I know u tried to tell me that dripping red stuff is cherry flavord but it really tasts like a mans blood...
kevin:No Nigga im a gunna force feed u dat healthy shiot....
by rodney March 12, 2005
a word to express annoyance
*shot in head on counter-strike* cook
by rodney March 06, 2005
Kristine Moran
That girl is such a breezie!!!
by Rodney February 27, 2004
The atomic donkey punch is very similar to the brass donkey punch. For you will be doing your girl doggy style and as you are about to climax you will punch her in the back of the head in order to make your vaginal wall muscles tighten to better your orgasm, but with the atomic donkey punch you use a an aluminium baseball bat which is even better.
It was sweet, I gave her an atomic donkey punch then was able to get a nap in before she woke up.
by Rodney May 05, 2005