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11 definitions by RoddickRemixed

Scottsdale, Arizona. It has been dubbed "The Beverley Hills of the Desert."

Stereotypically, the girls are tan blonds with fake breasts; the guys are preppy and rich.

(This is just what I'm told. I love Scottsdale.)
"Those girls act like they're so cool in DADDY'S Audi! They're totally from Snobsdale."
by RoddickRemixed September 06, 2007
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Minneapolis, MN

Also known as the Minny App.

(The Big Apple being, of course, NYC.)
Winter's are so cold in Minny Apple.

"I'm from the Minny App!" (I Self Devine)
by RoddickRemixed August 19, 2007
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1) A wildly popular book by Malcolm Gladwell
2) The point at which you fall over from drinking too much.
"I've gotta stop drinking. I have reached 'The Tipping Point'."
by RoddickRemixed October 02, 2007
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Sun Country Airlines, based out of Minneapolis, MN. They serve hot, fresh sandwiches or hamburgers on every flight. Happy New Year to that!
There's no way I'm going to fly Northworst! I'm flyin' Fun Country.
by RoddickRemixed September 14, 2007
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Vitamin Water
"What flavor Vitwa is that?"

"My fav: XXX!"
by RoddickRemixed July 26, 2007
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Northwest Airlines. Those who do not loathe them, tolerate them. Try Fun Country – I mean, Sun Country – for flights to and from Minneapolis!
My flight back from Amsterdam was on stinkin' Northworst. The plane was so old; I thought it was going to fall apart, piece by piece, over the Atlantic.
by RoddickRemixed September 14, 2007
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cross rock - verb (transitive)

To wear (or, euphemistically, to rock) two or more brands at the same time. In doing so, the wearer is "crossing" (mixing) their labels.

The standard conjugation of the idiomatic verb "to rock" apply.
"Hey, I like your Puma kicks, but why are you cross rockin' 'em with a Lacoste tee?"
by RoddickRemixed September 05, 2007
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