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Vancouver, British Columbia
"I'm flying up to VC/BC to hit the slopes at Whistler."
by RoddickRemixed September 29, 2009
Small towns that offer the best quality of life without metropolitan hassles, and have a greater sense of community, as defined by BizJournal.
Bozeman, Montana, was named the number two micropolitan city in the United States.
by RoddickRemixed July 28, 2008

A dormitory when drama is afoot.
"Why are Kelly and Jill freaking out so much? This isn't a dramatory!"
by RoddickRemixed August 22, 2007
A billionaire. And no, "billy" is not derived from Bill Gates.
Bill Gates may be a billy, but Steve Jobs is a superhero.
by RoddickRemixed October 04, 2007

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