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To roll two deep with a fine, loyal, and fly friend to mack on the opposite sex. originated at daytona beach. wingin' isn't just an activity, it's a lifestyle. wingin' means you like to party, and are capable of puking and rallying. As a Winger you have your biffles back. If that means you have to makeout with some guys ugly friend, so be it. It's all for the sake of snaggin' some hotties.
beavis says to butthead,
see that fly chick
lets get wingin'
by egilbert821 October 13, 2009
to relax and kick back.
i'm going to be wingin it tonight.
by AcetoBass June 02, 2006
to do something irritating; to piss someone off
Boy 1: "Aye girl........Shawty acts like she can't hear me."
BOy 2: "Yea I see...Shawty wingin'!!"
by Monkii March 31, 2008
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