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Big Swinging Dick. A front office 'player' in sell-side or a hedge fund. An executive who is personally responsible for bringing revenue in.
Boss: Rob, you made a lot last quarter, you are now officially a BSD.
by robh353 May 18, 2005
1. Medical: a drug used as a heavy sedative.

2. 'A thinking man's mogadon', something that would put a man of intelligence to sleep.
The Economist is a thinking man's Mogadon.
by robh353 June 20, 2005
Lion2004 is a clueless poster on AnalystForum. He has no real world experience which he evidences by his hyperbolic statements, his version of MBA-speak platitudes and non-insights and his personal distain of others who accept what is offered and work at their career on a practical/ results basis. He on the otherhand waits for offers which won't come, overplays his hand and dismisses successful people who show some initial interest. Here, at age 25 and with no work experience, he elucidates what he would have done had he has his time again (note the impracticality of the plan):
Brock Flanders:


You have a lot of interests. Let's pretend you are 18 and haven't even gone to university yet. Plan out your entire pre-corporate training for us. What would you study? Military? Grad school?

interesting question..

(18 - 21)
BSc in maths/stats/finance - from either LSE, Imperial, York, Warwick (aim for 1st class)
- during summer take internships in Investment Banking (Credit derivatives / sales) / Investment management.
- Study Spanish throughout university
- Compete in various Marathons
- University rowing teams

MSc in Finance / Real Estate Investment - well regarded UK university
Take CFA 1 / GMAT
- Compete various marathons
- Broker Chinese energy privatisations
- Set up inport/ export company

(22- 26)
Sandhurst Officer training. Various oversea posts and with UN. Complete SAS selection.
Sit CFA 2 while in service.

Harvard/Wharton MBA - in finance/real estate
Sit CFA 3

28+ Set up Real Estate Investment / Development firm

- Yeah right Lion2004, like you are going to achieve any of those in the real world. LMAO!
by robh353 May 09, 2005
A euphamism on AnalystForum for both a misguided and illthought-out Macro economic projection expressed via the use of unintelligible English. As defined by Cinton's discussion of a profitable trading strategy of Renminbi/ dollar futures and a Renminbi de-pegging.
Now is fries the Chinese dollar (RMB) rise value to be best time several!
Because China Gov’t decided not to increase interest rate although USA rise the int.rate.
Now have massively to buy up the Chinese dollar (RMB), again buys the forward Chinese dollare (RMB) rise value.
Then, you will earn money

The American rise interest 0.25%,
Next time, FOMC meeting on August 04, I believed the USA Congress will rise interest 0.25% again,
The insufficient two months, totaled again added 0.5% int.rate

Because the Renminbi is with US dollar suspension hook,
at the appointed time the Chinese government not possibly again not to rise the interest rate., the Chinese government interest on futures pressure can be very big

Because the Chinese dollar (RMB) is with US dollar suspension hook,
US dollar policy, the Chinese dollar (RMB) is certainly needs to follow,

Because the Chinese government official is the non- economic knowledge,
therefore speech China certainly not to rise the interest rate, they really are extremely stupid, only if the RMB different US dollar suspension hook, then China can not to rise the interest rate.

The RMB is with US dollar suspension hook, China not possibly does not follow the American interest on futures, the monetary policy is not at the China side.

Yesterday (30 June 04) the Renminbi had the little rise
by robh353 May 08, 2005
A Back Office Monkey/ Minion. On an intellectual par with HR workers, this person is either a career B.O.M., or delusionally thinks they have a chance at moving to the front office in one go. Often found studying Level 1 CFA exam in the September to June period year after year.
The new B.O.M. LION thinks he can get a gig on the credit derivatives prop desk, just because he knows how to reconcile a trade!
by Robh353 March 25, 2005
a Gabby McDonal is an irritating Australian troll poster who has a mixture of unjustified national pride, a comically stereotyped view of outside Australia, and is apparently proud of his criminal deportation ancestry.
That irritating dingo Gabby, is a troll and a clueless Aussie dingo.
by Robh353 March 27, 2005
1. A person who creates artful sanwiches for people in a Sandwich shop.

2. A person who, in real terms, is unskilled, and cant see it, despite thinking they have a 'talent'. The person often makes inappropriate, obtuse, or simplistic comments, to everyone elses amusement.

3. A synonym for B.O.M.
Look at the sandwich artist Lion. He is boasting about his temp contact in a Real Estate firm after we terminate his temp work here - he has finished the archiving we had him in for.

He is a born and bred B.O.M. like Jagoff When will he wake up?
by robh353 June 07, 2005

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