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A cross between a stoic and a spartan. This term was coined by Percy Cerruty to describe the Australian runner Herb Elliot, a world-record holder in the mile run who dominated his event in the 1960 Olympics.
We are true stotans. We run all day, never complain, and give it all we got in every race.
by Robert Watson September 30, 2005
Acronym for the Appalachian Trail. Used mainly among hikers that have hiked and/or ran the trail, but by other people as well. The Appalachian Trail runs from Georgia to Maine.
"I'm hiking the AT this summer."
"Really? The whole thing???"
by Robert Watson July 08, 2005
A medium-sized city in central Pennsylvania (10,000+ residents). In August, it's home to the LLWS and the population doubles for a few weeks while thousands of people tune in to ESPN to watch the games. The birthplace of Little League baseball, the sport that is usually the basis of every U.S. kids' childhood growing up.
"I played Little League baseball in my younger years."

"Really? Me too. I even went to the museum in Williamsport, Pa. It's pretty neat there, and if you go to one of the LLWS games, it's free!
by Robert Watson October 07, 2005
A joke in which only the teller of the joke laughs.
Teller: Why don't blind people like to skydive?
Person #1: Why?
Teller: It scares the heck out of the dogs.
Everybody: ...
Teller: *laughs*
Person #2: That was a bank joke, man.
by Robert Watson September 30, 2005
NaNoEdMo - National Novel Editing Month takes place every March. You have 31 days to edit a novel (usually a NaNoWriMo or "nano" novel) for at least 50 hours total. A great contest for writers. Also referred to as "edmo".
"Are you doing NaNoEdMo?"
"Yeah, I'm falling really behind. I've only clocked in 10 hours so far!"

"I'm going to go edmo my nano."

"Are you edmoing right now?"
by Robert Watson July 01, 2005
The abbreviation for the Little League World Series, an annual tournament held in Williamsport, Pa every August. Sixteen 12-14 year-old teams from around the world travel to this town and compete to see who is the best in Little League.
"Are you watching the LLWS on ESPN this week?"

"Yeah. I might even go watch one of the games! Admission is free, ya know."
by Robert Watson October 07, 2005
RFM is an acronym for "Relentless Forward Motion" and is most commonly used amongst long distance runners.
I was an hour into the marathon, but I wasn't thinking about the pain; I was just focused on RFM at that point.
by Robert Watson September 30, 2005
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