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When you shove 9 fingers into a lady. Preferably more of your non dominant hand. Your dominant thumb then rubs the clitorus while you yell "hey batta batta"!
I almost did a doublefist but opted for the little league world series.
by speddedler December 31, 2012
For baseball-playing kids: Something to strive for.

For anybody above fifteen: A ridiculous eleven-day attempt to make them feel like cynical cranks.

For Kellogs Frosted Flakes, and ESPN: An eleven-day stretch where money flows in like crazy.
The Little Leaguer from the American team went up to the plate. Bases loaded, one out, bottom sixth, 1-1 tie, Little League World Series world championship. The Little Leaguer gets a hit, bouncing right by the opposing shortstop, giving the American team the victory and making the Little Leaguer an international celebrity because of a stupid hit.
P.S. The opposing shortstop went back to Japan, changed his name, and became an emo.
by biWinning 573 October 01, 2011
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