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To tell one he/she has no wealth in order to get out of paying.
When the store clerk asked for the money, the customer said sorry nomoneyndabank
by robert January 24, 2005
Here's the way I see it.

Cradle of Filth are british (well, not all the members but COF was formed in britain and Dani is british and most of the origional members were british so they are british).

And British metal bands like to do things slightly differently than American metal bands. Take Iron Maiden for example, they were around the same time as Metallica, they are both Heavy Metal bands and yet sound very different.

Cradle Of Filth are a British version of Death / Black Metal. Their music and themselves has all the qualities a black / death metal band needs to to be picky why don't we called them BBM / BDM (british black / death metal).

Anyway, I think COF are an amazing band, just discovered them 6 months ago and allready I am well into their music. I started by listening to songs like: Presents From The Poison Hearted, Her Ghost In The Fog, Saffron's Curse and Cruelty Bought Thee Orchids.

I recommend COF to anyone who is into gothic type music and lyrics, someone who into bands from HIM to Slipknot could like COF. Hell! I am into many different bands and still like COF, amoungst my CD collection is: iron maiden, white / rob zombie, marilyn manson, HIM, slipkot, s.o.a.d, disturbed, murderdolls.

so this just shows that wotever type of metal you're into there's always a place for Cradle Of Filth in your collection who are currently at the top of my CD pile :)
Nymphetamine is coming this September ! ! ! that's just 2 months ! ! !
by robert July 07, 2004
a god that worships himself and is related to preists. he also does the same things as preists. like raping childeren...etc...
by Robert July 25, 2003
To shot someone. Not necessarily leading to death.
Yo i got some problems i need you to take this mans picture.
by Robert March 17, 2005
A sexy motherfucker who is da best and l337 at everythig.A great spamer fromthe future to save samsamsamsam from DanB
Youre so fine you look like ziggyjuarez
by Robert December 22, 2004
The sound made in the English words with the ''-ing'' suffix. In most accents this sound is also used in ''sing'', ''ring'', ''morning'',
''bring'', ''bang'', ''song'', ''rung'',''sting'', ''string'',
''greeting'' etc. But in my Scots dialect they are pronounced with a uvular nasal distinct from the velar nasal.
In Scots the ''ng'' sound in ''morning'' is different from the ''ng'' sound in ''morning
by Robert October 08, 2004

A pot-smoking, brown haired, young girl obsessed with young men that have brown hair and play DDR.
I think she is a Dom dom because she needs to stop obsessing over Robert.
by Robert March 12, 2004
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