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(n.) An employee of the sidewalks, a male or female prostitute that primarily works the streets, providing low-budget sexual services to new and existing johns. These women are only interested in volume vs. quality, and earn an average of about $1,500 per day when not incarcerated. All street whores are generally stupid and many are former physicians, bankers, lawyers, and mortgage brokers.

See also gutterslut.
My Aunt Mary buys me expensive gifts because she's a street whore and she can afford it.
by Robert E. Porter July 10, 2007
Synonym for eating pussy or cunnilingus.
She hadn't been in my presence for five minutes before I was yodeling in the canyon.
by Robert E. Porter June 09, 2006
(n.) any individual who enjoys licking clitori, human or otherwise.
I knew Janet was a clitlicker when she went down on that heifer's twat.
by Robert E. Porter July 11, 2007
A synonym for eating pussy. The term is primarily used in the lesbian community.
After her win at Wimbledon, Martina was munching the carpet on her fluff girlfriend when I opened the wrong door.
by Robert E. Porter January 17, 2006
(n.) Putrefaction of the pussy, a chronic condition resulting in the most foul-smelling meat wallet found in the universe. The discharge from cuntosis can be smooth or lumpy like the mouth-watering giblet gravy your grandmother used to make.

(See also: cuntitis, a less virulent variation of pussy pathology than cuntosis.)
The doctor's head was half way to the floor when the fetid odor of cuntosis reached his nostrils.
by Robert E. Porter September 03, 2007
(n.) For straight men, it's cunt juice. For gay men, it's cum. Same for gay and straight women.

See cum and cunt juice.
See also snowball.
As I blow you, you're going to shoot your white hot mouthwash into my open oral cavity.

Belinda took all of Stephanie's mouthwash down her throat while they were munching monkey.

John and Mary gargled each other's mouthwash and hummed a tune simultaneously.

by Robert E. Porter August 08, 2007
As the term implies, an eruption of weeping sores in and around the vulva (pussy/snatch/twat/cunt/meat wallet).

See also clitzit.
Say, Doc, could you write me out a prescription for something? I've got snatch acne and my boyfriend won't fuck me!
by Robert E. Porter September 07, 2007
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