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33 definitions by Robert E. Porter

(n. slang) a heterosexual woman or homosexual man that indulges in the art of fellatio. The term is primarily applied to male twink homos.
Ever since the age of four, Anthony was the consummate peter eater... he went down on Beau every day of his life.
by Robert E. Porter July 15, 2007
(n.) any individual who enjoys licking clitori, human or otherwise.
I knew Janet was a clitlicker when she went down on that heifer's twat.
by Robert E. Porter July 11, 2007
(adj.) A style of architecture in which buildings are designed to look like phallic symbols or huge erect cocks.
Donald Trump had Penis Envy, so he bought the Erectile Penile Empire State Building in New York City.

The Entex tower in Houston looks like a huge white dildo with windows... it's an outstanding example of Erectile Penile Architecture.

by Robert E. Porter August 23, 2007
1. (n) medical - Term used to describe the elasticity of the cervical mucous at the time of ovulation.

2. (n) an obnoxious or impudent child.
1. I swear I got a slick dick from bumping her spinbarkeit.

2. Aw, go fuck off, ya' little spinbarkeit!
by Robert E. Porter January 20, 2006
(n. slang) A pinkish pustulant eruption on the head of the penis resulting from genital warts. Literally, a zit that forms on the dick, dickzits are also found on surrounding parts of the slippery penile meatus and can be spread to women, thus becoming clitzits on the slimy vaginal pussy.
I've got so many dickzits, my cock looks like a PayDay. Wanna eat me?
by Robert E. Porter July 12, 2007
Slang term for the female genitalia.
Mary's thussburger smelled so bad, that it made her gynecologist pass out and fall on the floor.
by Robert E. Porter January 09, 2006
(n. obs.) A medicated vaginal suppository or a contraceptive diaphragm.
I'll be right back to bed, sweetheart... I have to put a pessary in my pussy.
by Robert E. Porter July 15, 2007