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1. Contraction of "fucking tool."

2. Someone utterly lacking social skills; a complete asshole; dickhead; douchebag.
Your snotty cousin is a total fucktool.
by LoudMatt July 28, 2006
Penis, vibrator, dildo
I shoved my fucktool up her ass.
by Fuzzy Moo May 08, 2007
1. (n.) any sexual accessory or device that closely mimicks the shape of a nice hard cock.

2. (n.) a child or adult who is unwittingly stupid, i.e. a moron or idiot

See also dildo and butt plug.
1. "I want you to ram that fucktool right up my pussy NOW, David! Oh, huhuhuhu!!!"

2. "I told you not to answer the door after ten o'clock you little fucktool!
by Robert E. Porter July 11, 2007