33 definitions by Robert E. Porter

To run about wildly in the nude, with all body parts bouncing.
Please do not flafliculate in our presence, thank you.
by Robert E. Porter January 09, 2006
(n.) For straight men, it's cunt juice. For gay men, it's cum. Same for gay and straight women.

See cum and cunt juice.
See also snowball.
As I blow you, you're going to shoot your white hot mouthwash into my open oral cavity.

Belinda took all of Stephanie's mouthwash down her throat while they were munching monkey.

John and Mary gargled each other's mouthwash and hummed a tune simultaneously.

by Robert E. Porter August 08, 2007
(n.) Same as penis or dick.
Say, Doctor, I've been having an itch in the area of my one-eyed mayonnaise launcher. Might you have a look at it please?
by Robert E. Porter July 10, 2007
(n.) A penis or dildo.
Hey, Bruce, will you puhleeeeezzz plug me with your holepole?
by Robert E. Porter August 23, 2007
1. (n.) reflexive of cuntslut.
2. (n.) a prostitute's uncleaned vagina, or for the more colorful imagination, a horny hooker's putrid pussy.
3. (n.) a disreputable or deplorable person.
1. How DARE you call me a slutcunt, you cuntslut!
2. Sorry about the smell of my slutcunt - one moment while I douche.
3. Oh, go stick it up your slutcunt, ya slutcunt!
by Robert E. Porter August 23, 2007
(n.) Information assumed to be false or of questionable authenticity. Synonymous with bullshit.
What you're telling me is a bunch of hoojar, you lying bastard.
by Robert E. Porter July 04, 2007
1. (n) Acne that has metastasized to the twat, specifically the clitoris. Often misdiagnosed as genital warts.

2. (n) A pustule or zit found on the clitoris.

Hey, Mom, my clitzits are bulging... how's about you help me pop all of 'em?

by Robert E. Porter August 14, 2007

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