33 definitions by Robert E. Porter

1. (n.) any sexual accessory or device that closely mimicks the shape of a nice hard cock.

2. (n.) a child or adult who is unwittingly stupid, i.e. a moron or idiot

See also dildo and butt plug.
1. "I want you to ram that fucktool right up my pussy NOW, David! Oh, huhuhuhu!!!"

2. "I told you not to answer the door after ten o'clock you little fucktool!
by Robert E. Porter July 11, 2007
1. (n.) Inflammation of the vulva.

2. (n.) A yeast infection that results in a build-up of Vulveeta.
The doctor took one peek at my crotch and said, "Yes, dear... you've got vulvitis. You nasty hoe."
by Robert E. Porter July 12, 2007
The female pudendum (sex organs). Mainly used in Great Britain.
Todd really got a thrill as he prepared to tongue Betsy's quim.
by Robert E. Porter January 16, 2006
A vulgar slang term for fresh semen.
I sucked him off, then took his load of Milk of Fagnesia down my throat.
by Robert E. Porter January 15, 2006
(n.) A prostitute that smells like a maggot-infested corpse, due to not bathing for 4 weeks at a time. Any sclut can also be a scumbag slut, and vice versa.

Rob: Hey, Bernice, what's that smell?
Bernice: Whut smell you talkin' 'bout?
Rob: It must be the aroma of your dirty rotten putrid snatch.
Bernice: Prolly so. I done me a hunert-foty johns dis month.
Rob: Oh God, go CLEAN that snatch, you sclut!
by Robert E. Porter August 29, 2007

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