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A mid-size town in the Coastal Carolina region that houses Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune.
About 95% of occupants are either: Marine, former Marine, related to a Marine, or spouse of a Marine. Other 5% are foriegners that were brought back to the states by Marines that work in the base PX, laundrymats, bars, and strip clubs.
Most who live in and around Jacksonville resent Marines and the high and tight hair cuts that they possess.
Jacksonville, NC is a horrible place to live.
"Hey Jimmie, where does your brother Nick live?"
"He is in the Marines at Camp Lejeune"
"You mean Jacksonville, NC? That has to suck"
by Robbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb May 27, 2007
A small city in North Carolina, located close to Charlotte, where the locals carry a homely appearance. This city is ranked as lower to lower middle class. Kannapolis borders the city of Concord.
last night I was in Food Lion and I noticed that the lady in front of me looked unkept, almost with a kannapolis-like appearance.
by Robbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb May 24, 2007
Cracker Rhythm Syndrome
Did you see Bob on the dance floor last night? His moves were so lame, he must suffer from CRS.
by Robbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb May 24, 2007

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