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Forced entrapment in a social setting due to the friend with whom you intend to leave disappearing for over an hour with another friend to engage in unscrupulous and unsubtle sexual shenanigans.
My ride home went off to fool around with a friend when the evening was winding up, leaving me and the friends good enough to keep me company trapped in Sexual Detention!
by Robanes August 07, 2009
When someone repeatedly, indeed excessively, uses the ellipsis (...) in written text to give an impression of the flow of spoken conversation. Mostly just looks more artificial; usually indicates poor knowledge of internet etiquette on the part of an older generation. Commonly found by old people trying to communicate on Facebook.
Person 1: *insert humorous Facebook status obviously intended for appreciation by friends*
Person 2: *commenting* Hey... how is it going... just checking in... everything's good here... see you later.
Person 1: Wow. Not only did you hijack my status for an irrelevant personal conversation, but you employed serious ellipsis abuse. Thanks, dad.
Person 2: Don't forget the milk... can you call me when you get here... thanks... see you soon.
Ellipsis: THE PAIN!
by Robanes August 03, 2013
The act of deliberately immersing yourself in the source material of a soon-to-be-released film adaptation so that you can claim to have been a fan before the film. This means that even if the film is good and people like it, you can tell them that it "wasn't as good as the original novel/comic/whatever" and feel smugly superior in your broader understanding of the franchise as if you were a genuine long-term fan.
When I heard they were making a film of Kick-Ass, I performed a Bandwagon Dodge by reading the original comics and then telling all my friends after we'd seen and enjoyed the film that I thought it "was good, but lacked the realistic grittiness and intellectual thematic content of the original comic" which I had read about a week earlier.
by Robanes June 02, 2010

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