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The food you bring to your friends house and/or dorm and you leave in exchange for the free booze you will receive at the house and/or dorm room.
Yes, Darren brought over two bags of cooler ranch doritos as a snackrifice. Bring out the shot glasses and jager, we are going to party.
#snacks #drinking #party #food #alcohol
by Rob Viv December 07, 2007
A tattoo placed on a taint, the area between the genetalia and the anus.
Wow, nick went to the tattoo parlor and got himself a tainting.
#taint #ass #vagina #balls #tattoo #disgusting
by Rob Viv December 07, 2007
An eifel tower involving three men and one woman. As such, one man takes the mouth, one the vagina and one the asshole. Other combinations are possible, but discouraged. The man taking the vagina must be laying on the ground, but still able to high five the other two people.
Dude, if you are going to break up with your girlfriend, at least ask him if she would be up for a treifel tower so Steve and I can also enjoy her last moments with you.
#sex #foursome #mmmf #eifel tower #naughty #positions
by Rob Viv December 07, 2007
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