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Word that is used to describe somebody as an absolute spastic, retard, dephormed person or disabled in some way. Commonly used in Pembrokeshire.
Fuck off ya kifto!
Man, you are such a kifto boy.
Whats up with him? Dunno, I think he's kifted.
by Rob McLean April 01, 2005
It is when pressure is aplied to a bow and you vibrate your mouth slightly to make it sound like your under water-explaining the aquarium part.
Hey McLean do an Aquarium Bow...*Aquarium Bow*.....Yay!
by Rob McLean April 01, 2005
A sound from Super Mario World from the original SNES, recently released on GameBoy Advance in 2002, where you jump on a green spring or a music box note.
Yahoo! Boyweer! Ahh..Just what I needed..
by Rob McLean April 01, 2005
The same as a bert only quicker. See bert.
*bwit*...What the hell?
by Rob McLean April 01, 2005
When a bow is punched then released sharply.
Sup hommie, I'm from the geh-oh
by Rob McLean April 01, 2005
A tidal wave is were you do an extreme cheek buster but you vibrate your heart...I mean head, so it makes your shloppy cheeks look like tidal waves.

Don't you talk about my mum!!! *tidal waving* (whilst waving fist)

by Rob McLean April 01, 2005
A cheek buster is when you blow up your cheeks whilst biting down on your lips. Blowing them up and blowing them up as much as you can makes it a cheek buster. To the max!
I'll get you good you pesky ant! *cheek buster*
by Rob McLean April 01, 2005
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