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Best game in the world, the only down side is not being able to be Neo, Morpheus or Trinity.
No game is like it.
by RJ November 17, 2003
Basically a gold-digger, sly females that get in ya crib... eat, shit, & sleep on ya stuff...quick to flee when figured out
Yo, I hooked up with this chic for one night...the next thing I knew this bitch was downstairs in my fridge eatin my shit up.
by Rj November 10, 2003
alot of loud ass noises.. come on now.. ya didnt know that.. what tha fucc is tha rest of those definitions.. this is tha right one!
by RJ June 03, 2003
a girl(or guy if they are gay) being a reallllll ass whole about something or another like they all doo
Amber Rowe i luv you but u are such a Bitch ANUS!! but dont change cause i love the way u are ,...and that ass
by RJ April 13, 2005
The drug Opium.
We smoked some opm today.
by RJ June 15, 2003
to get a girl pregnate or to be really cool
man you didnt use a condom!!!!she gonna get pego one day.

dude that move was pego
by rj February 04, 2003
Jap crap which is outdated by todays standards and a prone to a heaps of problems.
My MX6 in the garage again!!!!
by RJ March 04, 2004

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