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(Bunk-Boo-Boo)A word created in Sheridan "STL" California meaning anything that sucks, or is bunk as fuck, anything u dont like.
1.That weed i bought earlier from him was bunkbooboo man,you shouldnt even hit that fool up.
2.CR:Was that party crackin last night?
FD:Man, that shit was bunkbooboo as fuck, no bitches at all, so we just took all there alcohol and bounced.
by Riggins October 11, 2006
A word created in sheridan STL california. A tweaker on a mission either to scam someone or get more tweak.
we used to call travis by his first name but now we just call him spundundee.
by Riggins October 10, 2006
a word created in Sheridan STL California meaning Bitch, Beezie,punkrock beezie, COUGH:taylor:COUGH. what else would it mean you beeznug.
Whats crackin beeznug, whats up with the flight to boston.
by Riggins October 09, 2006
a word created in sheridan STL california. The act of being so twacked and far gone that u stay in your house all day and smoke dope,and letting the dope get to yur head so much that u become a scandelouse tweaker bitch.
Frank: ay' what the fuck is that fool doin look at him.
Chris:That fools all just spundundled hell be cool, gotta sleep sometime.
by Riggins October 10, 2006
Yayo,coke,cocaine a drug derived from the leaf of the yayo plant
AY' i got that yaypers all day,hit me up.
by Riggins October 10, 2006
(Spind-Ler)noun:;A person that is a tweaker ass motherfucker and all he does all day is spindle the glass pipe,doing anything to get money(steal,lie,scam,suck dick)all just to get more tweak.All they think about is getting there presious shards.
Did u just see that spindler try to sell me the shoes he was wearin,for 20 bucks.
by Riggins October 11, 2006
this meaning comes from sheridan STL california, Hashishi
1.the act of gettin stupid,hyphy
3.gettin fucked up.
1.We go hashishi all damn day.
2.I got some dank ass hashishi.
3.U got a bottle and a blunt? lets go get hashishi.
by Riggins October 10, 2006
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