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5 definitions by RickO

Wasting precious time. Instead of being outside doing something important you're dickin around.
C'mon man, we're burnin daylight here. Let's get goin' !
by RickO March 25, 2003
A real clean up job of your butthole after a shit. You're burning through toilet paper wiping your ass forever.
Dude, that shit came out sideways. It was a real thousand wiper.
by RickO March 25, 2003
A beautiful girl with all the right curves wearing tight-fitting clothing.
Wow! She is squeezable. I'd like to get my hands on her.
by RickO March 25, 2003
a camel with a comb over
woah look at that lomas in the dessert
by RiCkO March 17, 2005
Slang - American/English immigrants to Australia with a propensity to drink in excess.
Those Umpa Lumpas were loitering outside the bottle store.
by Ricko March 24, 2005