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4 definitions by Rick Virus

The act in which a male bends his penis to his anus and penetrates himself. (A male fucking himself)
It's not like we're trying to fall down the stairs or anything.
by Rick Virus July 19, 2006
16 7
A sound that represents vomiting. Also used to define whether or not a person or situation is aesthetically/sexually unacceptable.
Dude, that chick was totally PFGHRMMM.
by Rick Virus February 19, 2009
4 3
The word is a combination of the Boston pronunciation of fuck and backpacking. It is also defined as the act of carrying a backpack full of fack.
When I graduate collage Brice and I are going fackpacking throughout Europe for a few months.
by Rick Virus November 02, 2008
1 0
The mathematical means of quantifying a female's breasts, or the lack there of.
The pictures on facebook looked good, but when I saw the chick she was seriously suffering from nulldeetz. A fake phone call was answered saying my cousin had died and the date promptly ended.
by Rick Virus October 09, 2012
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