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Rhymes with 'stroll', it refers to a style of fishing where a baited line is drawn in front of fish hoping that one will bite. The person doing is a troller.

The analogy to a baited message hoping for bites is obvious.
I caught a fine Big Mouth Bass with a troll.
by Richard November 14, 2003
its the new form of prep dress, it takes the old form and re-creates it for the time of today, you would wear polos in light shades ie. baby pink, blue, and green, cut off kahkis, flip-flops, and a cute tote.
some exaples that sell this style would be american eagle.
by richard April 15, 2005
To shoot someone.
With a gun.
Pull out the 9.
Pop in the clip.
And let one slip....
Into these crazy fools
by RicHARD September 23, 2003
a female erection; hardening of the clitoris; physical condition in a female brought about by sexual arousal.
When Ben and Sally were making-out, she had a massive vagardon
by Richard December 13, 2004
A different word for system board only used by IBM and not really a word.
This machine has a defective planar.
by Richard October 01, 2004
8th Avenue in Chelsea, New York
Hey, dude. I'll see you later on gay row!
by richard September 15, 2004
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