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The deep sound of a mrrr (or mrr) can represent a sound of passion, love or happiness, like a sigh, in raptors, dragons and similar scaled creatures.

The sound can be long or short, and is usually sounded softly.

A mrrr could be seen as a more reptilian form of murr.
Simon: how are you and your mate getting along? =)
Nargus: Mrrrrrrrr... ^^
by RestrainedRaptor October 25, 2006
0.0 is pretty much identical to O.O so it is a matter of personal preference which one is used.

There may be one or two occasions where this version is used purposefully to represent an animal with narrow eyes.
Me: You're not escaping my claws this time!
You: 0.0
by RestrainedRaptor November 02, 2006

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