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The deep sound of a mrrr (or mrr) can represent a sound of passion, love or happiness, like a sigh, in raptors, dragons and similar scaled creatures.

The sound can be long or short, and is usually sounded softly.

A mrrr could be seen as a more reptilian form of murr.
Simon: how are you and your mate getting along? =)
Nargus: Mrrrrrrrr... ^^
by RestrainedRaptor October 25, 2006
Although generally used as an agreement, the definition of Mrrr is fluid, and it may be used as necessary.
"Do you like my new dress?" "Mrrr."
"How are you today?" "Mrrr."
by Clay Readnour April 12, 2006
A term you use when you don't care what the He** some is saying to you. The more R's you use the better the effect.
He Bobbie brush your teeth


What did you say to me?



by Mrr. Friend May 04, 2010
(adj.) general lack of emotion or response. Particularly lacking in level of excitement. Even keel. Unable to communicate emotion. Does not have wide variety of interest in anything; lacking in personality.

Pronounced with little emotion, as if one is bored even pronouncing the word.
My cubicle buddy is beyond boring, she is mrrr.
by K. Loke April 18, 2006
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