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An internet message board that once was a spinoff of LUE but has since become something much more.
404 Error is the shit!
by Rei January 04, 2004
Adjective: Fucking Sexy
Holy shit, that girl is fexy.
by Rei November 16, 2003
Hacker shorthand for lexical analyzer, the input-tokenizing stage in the parser for a language.
“Some C lexers get confused by the old-style compound ops like =-.”
by Rei January 29, 2004
A Cute little girl with blue lipstick and a nurse hat =).
by Rei June 04, 2003
hHmM... mad cs player ^^
cuTiE.. gOot fWeNd.. uUmM..
-- >> cS gOd << --
uUMM... just a fun n good cs player ^_^
by rEi March 13, 2004
the better alternative to the now boring and overused LOL.
Oh my god I laughed out loud!!!!
by Rei November 16, 2004
A Cruel, Ironic, Bitch-Goddess.
Everyone's lives are controlled by Fate. This is why they suck ass.
by Rei April 28, 2004

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