19 definitions by Rei

(1.)A low piece of scum that sells women as sex toys.

(2.)Some one who can sleeps with any girl (equally disgusting as above defintion).

(3.)A term used for something ordinary that has been altered to me more flamboyant.(pretty stupid too)
Look at those $20,000 rims, I'm gonna pimp my ride.

Oh shit, you fucked guys bitch (girlfriend), you da pimp.
by rei February 20, 2005
Strawberry means kiss. The normal kiss not french-kissing.

1. Can I strawberry you? Can I kiss you?


1. I've strawberried. I've been kissed
by Rei March 12, 2005
French kissing or a passionate kiss

They shared a raspberry

Raspberried : frenched

Carla was rapsberried by Jim
by Rei March 12, 2005
Unfair or unlawful, not cool.
Man, we had a wicked hard pop quiz, that is so jenk.
by Rei September 15, 2004
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