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1. To eat something with great enjoyment.
2. To mouth and/or bite someone in a sexual or non-sexual way.
3. An exaggeration of the noise made during one or both of the above activities, as originated by Lolcats.
"I'm so hungry. Let's get something to nom."
"Oh man... I want to nom him lots."
"And she was all like, 'Om nom nom nom.'"
by Regentage May 01, 2010
A term used for a woman who is both her husband's wife and his mother. Coined by Mrs. Dignan, AP Literature teacher, for Iocaste in Oedipus.
"Cleetus was growing tired of his momwife. She was giving him a lot of trouble about his sister's brusband."
by Regentage October 13, 2009
The quality of enforcing relationships with one's bros or inspiring one to forge stronger bromances.
Man, Workaholics is really brospirational.
by Regentage May 19, 2011
The act of taking something without asking permission, though you may announce that you are doing so. Sometimes used to challenge someone to stop you, knowing that they will not.
I'm just gonna shark one of your Fritos over there... nom nom nom nom.
by Regentage January 18, 2010

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