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yeurch -

1. The feeling of utter disgust with something/someone, at which point 'YERCH' should be screamed.

2. The noise one makes in the short time period before/after throwing up

3. A word to be shouted for comedic effect

4. A common mis-pronunciation for the word 'yeurch' as once said by an english teacher. Dumbass.

5. A replacement for the word 'gurn' which is not only a face-pulling contest, but a derrogative word for a black person.
guy -"check out my thumb, I cut it last night"

girl -"YERCH"
by Rebecca Davies March 04, 2008
the failure to participate in oral sex
"i got back with nigel last night, but when things started to get a bit frisky, he told me his dickslexia was back.
I was not happy" :|
by Rebecca Davies March 04, 2008
Half of one word (Bungalow) and another (Caravan).

A Bung-a-Van is one of those little huts that old people spend their holidays in.

usually built near sea-sides, although sometimes built in country-side for unknown reasons...
old man -"ooh dear lets go for a holiday to the bung-a-van"
old biddy -"yes lets, being retired and driving slow really tires me out"
by Rebecca Davies March 06, 2008
Is an action one can perform, to signal their disgust at something that has just been said.

You must put your index finger horizontal with your mouth, covering your lips. BUT NOT ABOVE YOUR LIPS!!!!
"mm this kit-kat is well nice"

"its nestle"

*dissapointed face*
by Rebecca Davies April 16, 2008
The act of raping some-ones face, whereby you swipe your hand down their face.

For best results, sneak up on someone from behind, and whilst they are talking...face-rape them :P
Kat: Hi Grant!
Grant: *FACE-RAPE*
Kat: Aghhhh!
by Rebecca Davies March 14, 2008
the name for the corpse used in necrophilia porn films.

man1 -"hey dude, you got the cathy?"
man 2 -"yeah sure, you got the camera?"
man 1 -"right here."
man 2 -"lets do this thing"
by Rebecca Davies March 04, 2008

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