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The disorder defined by a penis that repeatedly confusing the right and wrong whole during intercourse.
His cock was so small, he could have had dickslexia and I'd still ask "Are you in yet?"
by Pass Check Bot January 27, 2008
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A preference for smaller dicks.
Billy has a tiny penis, so he'll need to find a girl with dickslexia
by pkiff August 06, 2011
the failure to participate in oral sex
"i got back with nigel last night, but when things started to get a bit frisky, he told me his dickslexia was back.
I was not happy" :|
by Rebecca Davies March 04, 2008
Dickslexia Dicks-lexia = is an intense euphoric state of being caused by multiple full body orgasms.
symtoms of dickslexia; temporary loss of lower extremities, shortness of breath, rapid pulse, paralysis, and hyperventilation. Some other temporary side effects of dickslexia include, difficulty standing, sitting, breathing, and performing basic motor functions. An episode of dickslexia can last from a few moments up to one week in extreme situations. Subject will be spent from orgasmic convulsions, and at a loss for words. My girl had dickslexia so bad she could't stand up or sit down for twenty minutes.
by Root 66 October 03, 2009
1.Confusion of the penis, when it has difficulty with performing normal functions
2.Also used as a general insult
1.So it's just you and Jean-Luc tonight Brenda?
No, he's come down with dickslexia

2. HAHAHA, you have dyslexia!
At least i'm not DICKSLEXIC like you, Keith
by Ralph loves Martin November 11, 2008
Someone who blames his spelling on having dyslexia but everyone know that there just thick as shit
Tony: have you got the address of that resturant
man: yeah sure here it is sorry about the speling ive got dyslexia
tony: oh..........sure its not Dickslexia
by frogcloset November 20, 2005

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